Heather Tovey

Front-End Web Developer

Recent Projects
  • NerdLab YYC website

    NerdLab YYC

    NerdLab YYC, a Calgary community for feminist nerds in tech, needed a place to post news and house resources (including their Code of Conduct). I took their logo, and created a fun and functional website around it.

    Feminist and geeky icons, as well as the pink accent color complement the group's personality and interests. The website also encourages visitors to join NerdLab YYC's Meetup group, and prominently displays the group's Code of Conduct.

    See the Live Site
  • Weather App website

    Animated Weather App

    As part of the Free Code Camp curriculum, I was required to create a basic weather app. Users of the app needed to be able to see the weather in their current location, and optionally be able to see a different icon and background image depending on the weather.

    I took this opportunity to learn HTML5 Canvas and I animated custom icon backgrounds for 14 separate weather conditions (28 including day and night conditions). I gave users the option to search for a city or use geolocation to look up the current weather. Users are given the option of seeing the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. They are also given information on wind speed and direction, as well as humidity.

    See the Live Site
  • Quote Generator website

    Tweetable Quote Generator

    As part of the Free Code Camp curriculum, I was required to build a Random Quote Machine. Users needed to be able to click a button to be shown a new quote, and optionally be able to press a button to tweet out the quote.

    I used jQuery to create a minimalist site dedicated to quotes on learning how to code. The quote generator gives users a random quote, allows them to check out the source of the quote, and also gives them the ability to tweet the quote (including a link to its source).

    See the Live Site
  • PayLab Networks website

    PayLab Networks

    PayLab Networks is a Calgary startup specializing in mobile payments for vending. They had a domain name and a basic site with images and non-clickable links. They required a functional website for potential investors to read up on the company and get in touch with the company founder.

    Originally, the website was created using WordPress and hosted on Google App Engine. Later, the team requested the site be moved from WordPress to a static site. I hand-coded the finished product and set up the site to use a 3rd-party service for the email form.

    See the Live Site

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Heather Tovey

Front-End Web Developer based in Calgary, Alberta. Co-Founder of NerdLab YYC, a community for feminist nerds who work in tech. I also have a degree in Psychology and a keen interest in website accessibility and usability.

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